Tea LeavesTea Leaves
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Tea drinks are a favorite of many people because they have a distinctive taste and aroma, as good health benefits. In fact, tea leaves have long been one of the commodities cultivate because there is a lot of demand. Of course, the presence of tea is often processed into various interesting drink menus to try. But it’s good if you can listen to some of the following facts about tea leaves to find out more clearly.

Origin of tea leaves

The existence of tea leaves is in fact one of the herbal plants that has existed for a long time. In fact, it’s not surprising that tea leaves seem to be worthy of mention as legends from various herbal plants. Because even in modern times, they still exist. Tea was first discovered in China around 2737 BC by Emperor Shen Nong. Legend has it that tea accidentally fell into the boiling water administered by the emperor, creating the drink known as tea.

The process of cultivating tea leaves

The process of cultivating tea leaves is very close to areas located in the highlands. Because it requires its own ideal temperature, which is around 13 to 15 degrees Celsius. Even so, in fact tea can still be found in many regions such as Asia, Africa, South America, and so on. Tea are usually grow like bush with a height of about one meter so that they are easy to pick later. between one bush and another is usually space approximately 1.5 meters in each row, so that it does not cause damage when it grows later.

The total number of varieties of tea leaves

The tea leaves that have been consume so far do not actually come from just one type of variety. Because it turns out that there are many varieties they have. Each type of variety has its own differences in terms of color, taste, to the content contained therein. Reported by Stash Tea, the total number of tea varieties in the world has reached more than 3,000 with different characteristics. This is what makes each region or country may have different types of tea.

The good benefits of tea

Tea that has once consume so far certainly has good benefits that have long once known by many people. This is actually one of the reasons why many people actively consume tea, because of the good content that can be obtain for the health of the body. Tea is consider to have ingredients that can boost the body’s immune system, fight inflammation. And can prevent the risk of cancer and heart disease. However, it should also be understand that tea contains caffeine like coffee with different levels, so consumption should not be excessive.

The country that is the largest producer of tea

Tea leaves really seem to be timeless, because everyone really needs it. Even various delicious drinks made from tea are also love by people in various countries, so it is clear that the demand is still high. China is the largest tea leaf producing country in the world. This is like history which also states that China is the place where the tea were found and is still actively cultivating them today.

Tea leaves, which have been actively consume, have many interesting facts. You will know many deeper things about the existence of these tea. Do you also like to drink tea?