Indonesia Film: The Most Successful Horror Movie RemakeIndonesia Film: The Most Successful Horror Movie Remake
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The most trend of remakes in Indonesia film continues. In 2023 alone, there has several Indonesia remake film released in theaters. The trend of remaking old Indonesia film has indeed been going on for several years as part of a nostalgia event for the past. The results are successful, and some are unsatisfactory. One of the old film genres that is often remade is horror. Not without reason, horror is one of the genres most loved by Indonesian film audiences. Various classic horror films have been remade by filmmakers in the current era. The result? Some are successful and some are less successful. So, of all the old school horror movies that have been remade, here are five of them that are arguably the most successful.

Pengabdi Setan (2017)

Pengabdi setan version of Joko Anwar is said to be the best Indonesian remake film of all time. This is a recycle version of the classic horror film of the same name direct by director Sisworo Gautama Putra, which was release in 1980. This film has a different storyline from the original version, but still applies the same approach and common threads. Pengabdi Setan was a huge success and was brand as a film that made the Indonesian horror genre rise in class. This film successfully brought more than 4 million viewers to the cinema. Its sequel, Pengabdi Setan 2: Comunion (2022) also reaped similar success.

Suzzanna: Bernafas dalam Kubur (2018)

This is the first recycled horror film to bring back the figure of Suzzanna, played by Luna Maya. When Soraya Intercine Films first released the trailer, this film immediately shocked netizens with the appearance of Luna Maya as Suzzanna who was so similar. As a result, the film directed by Anggy Umbara and Rocky Soraya was a huge success when it was release in theaters at the end of 2018. This film tells the story of Suzzanna who lives happily with her husband. However, everything turned into a tragedy when one night robbers visited her house and killed Suzzanna miserably. Suzzanna is mysteriously able to come back to life as a terrible ghost who is ready to avenge her.

Film Ratu Ilmu Hitam Indonesia (2019).

This is a recycled version of the old horror film release in 1981 by Rapi Films. If the original film featured the figure of Suzzanna, the new version actually introduces a completely new character. Even though it didn’t sell Suzzanna’s name, this film was still a success both commercially and critically. The film, which was direct by Kimo Stamboel, had a script written directly by Joko Anwar. This film features a number of top actors and actresses such as Ario Bayu, Hannah Al Rasyid, Adhisty Zara, Muzakki Ramadhan, Ari Irham, and others.

Si Manis Jembatan Ancol (2019)

This is the third film featuring the legendary story of Si Manis Jembatan Ancol after the first film was release in 1973. A film with the same title was also release in 1994 starring Diah Permatasari and Ozy Saputra. Meanwhile, the latest version stars Indah Permatasari, Arifin Putra and also brings back Ozy Saputra. Still taking the same premise, this film actually presents a plot twist that is quite surprising for the audience.

Indonesia Film: Mumun (2022)

Mumun is a soap opera from the 2000s which was quite legendary in Indonesia. This comedy-horror soap opera was recycle into a big screen film starring Acha Septriasa and also brought in Mandra who returned to play this iconic character in this film. This film was successful in getting appreciation from the audience because of its solid storyline, as well as the extraordinary performance of Acha Septriasa who plays two characters at once, Mumun and Mimin.

Conclusion Of Indonesia Horror Movie

Of the five Indonesian horror films that has successful by adapting concepts from old school films. It can be see that the retelling of old horror stories with a new twist has success in capturing the hearts of the audience. This success shows that classic Indonesian horror stories have a strong appeal, and with the right development. Can provide a frightening and satisfying viewing experience for today’s audience.